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Whether you're ready to form or still deciding, we got your back.

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Answer a few questions to help us get to know you and make sure your legal entity is setup correctly.

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Based on your answer and our 8+ years of banking and business formation experience, you'll see offers tailored to your unique business.

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We take care of all business formation documents, license/permit, trademark so that you're compliant with ongoing requirements and you can focus on building your business the right way.

We're here to assist you with all areas of your business fillings.

We're always so excited to work with you in a most personalize Cost-effective ways!

Forming your single member LLC (Limited Liability Company), partnership, Non-profit, C-Corp or S-Corp,

Our Comprehensive Business Plan & grant Proposal Writing Service

helps convince investors or lenders to finance your business. It can persuade partners or key employees to join your company. Most importantly, it serves as a roadmap guiding the launch and growth of your new business.

Because a good business plan & proposal steers your business through each stage as you start to grow.

Like a GPS, our business plan services help you with clarity on
starting and managing your business.
At the same time, our grant proposal service gets you the necessary cash flow needed for your business operations.

Grant proposals
should consist of a measurable format. Therefore, it is of primary importance to be aware of what needs to be included in each section.

The heart of the grant writing also matters because you'll need to set your proposal apart from the other submissions; your grant proposal is the vehicle to effect this outcome for accessing business funding.

That is where we come in! We write your grant proposal for you, matching you with the right grantors and their requirements showing them that you are the best match for them.

I help small business owners get started the right way.

Just like you...

Start and become successful in business. With my program, over 40 women have overcome the lack of resources and their money-mindset blocks and gained clarity on the next steps to take in order to start, scale, and get access to startup and growth funds for their businesses. Most women working with me will tell you they now have the understanding and business strategies and are showing up for their best-next level, going from accessing less than $500 a month in business funding (LOANS & GRANT) to 0ver 30k to 200k.

Forget the DIY's; I've been there, done that, and worn the T-Shirt...

I had a full-time job, but I put in my mental resignation over a billionth time without taking any actions but instead googling how-to's business topics that became even more and more confusing. I had to learn the hard way. I would have saved myself money, time, and brain power on reaching my business six to 8 figures goals way sooner than going the cheap route. It sure became clear to me that "cheap is way more expensive.

Experience taught me that, the way you run your business will influence the lifestyle you're aiming for. Immediately, DIYs went out of the window. For my business and brand to be taken seriously, I decided to make a responsible decision and do things the right way. So I got myself the appropriate strategists and mentors, used my commercial banking and finance background, monetized my valuable corporate skills, and scaled my empire from 2 to 4 now 6 figures a month.

Five things I wish I had known before starting my first business.

How to protect my business name (trademark)

which business structure was the best for my business type (Legal Entity)

How my business will be taxed (tax structure)

Which business license/permit applies to me (Becoming Compliant)

How to keep my business in good standing ( Annual report Filling)

Even More...,I was mostly influenced by my big "why," my values, and personal vision.

As a mom, my kids are my why. Their future is one of the primary reasons I have the drive and passion to keep going. Helping moms and new entrepreneurs by consistently providing valuable financial/ business education and consultation, my husband and I are able to provide more for our kids while still being physically present in their lives. The journey of entrepreneurship began with a more vital goal of creating generational wealth that is leaving keys and deeds to them. And for that, I feel fulfilled.

Is this you?

I need clarity on knowing exactly the kind of business legal entity and compliant documents I need to start my LLC, non-profit, and available loans and grants to scale my small business. I’m not sure what requirements I need to strategically push my business forward.

Are you like,

I’m ready to scale to 6 figures and beyond. I need a step by step personalized plan.

I also need,

A community with support for powerful entrepreneurs that provides the, guidance, tactics, and strategies to grow their businesses.

Let's make it happen,

You don't have to struggle to reinvent the wheels.

I'm right here with you,
I'll show you authentically proven steps on how to turn the dreams and ideas in your head into real-life plans. I'll teach you how I've done with many other women. You'll be able to make an extra $1000 to 10K a month, start, and scale your small business, get access to startup and growth funding through business legal formation strategies so you can live the lifestyle you want on your own terms; acquire financial wellness and build generational wealth.

Here's what clients are saying

"The - I Mean Business weekly training opened my eyes to so many things I didn’t take into account thus far when initially looking for resources to start my businesses. Although I'm in an early stage with my business, this masterclass was extremely informative. It opened me up to entering into the entrepreneur space with deep attention of being legally compliant and also different money mindset goals!"

- Dinette D. Home Health care Owner



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